Radio Station in my Head

by Space Engineer

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released June 1, 2015

All songs written by Terry Lyndon
Terry Lyndon-Vocal, Guitars, played Bass on 'Boy Girl', 'High Strung', 'Playwright', Album Artwork. Co-production
Paul Read-Produced & Bass tracks 1,3,4,6,7,8,10.
Stuart Greenway-Drums
Salli Odling-Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Greg Pearson-Recorded & Bass on 'Burned'
Jasper Peri-Stuart-Recorded & Guitar, Keyboard, Backing Vocals on 'Boy Girl, 'High Strung', 'Playwright'.
Mixed by Peter Blyton
Mastered by David Taylor



all rights reserved


Space Engineer Sydney, Australia

Space Engineer is the alter ego of Sydney based song-writer Terry Lyndon, and sees him writing melancholic yet uplifting pop songs for the modern condition.

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Track Name: Static
If You want Some Free advice my Dear , Stay Away from Here
If You're Lookin' for Someone Who Cares , Go Back Down Those Stairs
'Cause You won't find it Here

I Don't Know What Goes On , Inside Your Head
She gives Me , Too Much of Everything

No Use Cryin' over Yesterday , When it's Gone Away
Just Remember that You Had Your Chance
You're an' Avalanche

Too Much of Everything.....
Track Name: In a Different Light
Boy meets Girl , & He Sees the World , in a Different Light , for Her
Boy meets Girl in this Crazy world , & He suddenly Feels alive for Her

An' He smiles Inside , An' He swells with Pride
An' Everybody Says , We Look So Good together
An' Everybody Says , We Can Make it Forever

Boy Leaves Girl , & He Sees the World , in a Different Light , Over Her
Boy Leaves Girl , & He Doesn't Even Know What For
An' He's Doing His Best to Ignore , What He Feels

An' He Smiles a Cynical Smile , & He Hides the Hurt Inside
An' Everybody Said , We Looked So Good Together
An' Everybody Said They Knew It Could Never Work

La La , La La La.......
Track Name: Tangles Up Inside
My Conscience is Clear , when I'm in your Hemisphere
Everything I had to Say , I said to your Face

An' it's a Pity , You Didn't Have the Same Grace

What You Said , Tangles Up my Mind
What You Said , Takes me Down

I Tried to be Straight , Count to 4 , before we Play
If You wanna Take me Down , Don't Wait

But , it's a Pity , You Didn't Have the Same Grace

I Don't Know , You Didn't Show , Just How Low
Track Name: Thinking of Leaving
I'm Thinking of Leaving , it's Not working Anymore
I Don't Need a Suitcase , or a Door

The Afternoons So Long , it's Dragging me Round
I Keep Hoping for Someone , They Keep Letting me Down

So the Movie is "You" and I Wish it was a Comedy
Or Maybe Even a Triller , but Never a Killer
Track Name: Space Engineer
You Gave me the Sky , an' it Rained on me for 15 days
Every Word you Say, Makes me Feel like yr Sayin' "Goodbye"
You've got your New Friends , I've Rediscovered Mine
An' You May Feel ok....Whatever, Never Mind

I'm Gonna be a Space Engineer, Buzzin' inside Yourr Head

Tell Me How You Feel, so I Can Make my Way
I'd Tell you my ideals, but the Words always Get in the Way
I'll See You later, in the Next lifetime
I won't Pretend , that you're not on my Mind
Track Name: Burned
Even Though my Heart is Breaking
and My Love for You , I'm Taking for Granted
Never in my Wildest Dreams did I Ever Hope to Meet
Somebody Like You , my Dear

It's Hard to See Clear , When Your Eyes Are Blinded by Tears
It's Hard to be Someone , When You're Living in Other Years

And When You Realise , What Could've Been
An' You Discover , That you've Been Burned
By Your Own Deeds , Despite Your Dreams
Track Name: (She's The Wrong) Star Sign
It's Not Too Late , We got Plenty of Time , & Theres no Reason
to be Unkind
Your Foolish Little Friend , is Out of Her Mind
She's Filled with Treason , & She's the Wrong Star Sign

An' I Can See , Why You'd Run Away
We Pay the Price , with Each Passing Day

It's All in your Head , Thats What You're Sayin'
The Rules Are Broken , the Games Are Played An' I Can See it so
An' I should Know
All your Christmas Lights , have Lost They're Glow

An' I Can See , your Rules Have All Changed
We Pay the Price , We Lose what we Save

An' I Can See You , Turning it Over , An' turning it Over....